Handmade custom knives made to order in Camarillo, California by Kyle Millar




About Us

Kyle Millar
Coyote Creek Knife Company was founded by Kyle Millar in Camarillo, CA in April 2014.

When Kyle is not in the shop making knives, he’s either hiking with his dog, hunting, fishing, or camping in the woods. Kyle became fascinated with knives as a boy; his grandfather gave him his first Buck pocket knife at the age of eight along with a single shot .22 Winchester rifle, which he still has today.

Kyle started in the knife business one weekend in March 2014. His friend, Paul, brought over a couple of files and said “let’s make knives out of these.” After researching and beginning by annealing the files to soften them enough to cut and shape, the Coyote Creek Knife Company was started.

Coyote Creek Knife Co. went full-time in October 2014 due to the loving support of Kyle’s biggest fan and wife, Courtney. Courtney saw the love that Kyle had for making knives and encouraged him to pursue his passion. Kyle says, “none of this would be possible without my wife’s support.”

All Coyote Creek Knife Co. knives are handmade from design, cutting, shaping, handles to the sheaths. All knives come with a lifetime guarantee.

“If anything happens to my knives from handle to the blade while being used properly, I will fix or replace the knife free of charge; my knives should last for generations not years.”